This painting has been inspired by the beautiful koi pond just before my favourite walk. The pond is located just before a smugglers tunnel that leads to a secret beach. I usually wait by this pond mesmerised by the beautiful fish while my other half collects whatever we have forgotten out of the car.


Size: 7 x 5"

Material: Watercolour, Acrylic paper 230gm2, ink.


This Print has firstly been lovingly hand painted by myself with watercolour and ink and then printed at my local print shop in Devon using a high quality ink jet printer. 


All of my paintings are inspired by the world around me, living on a coastal farm in Devon allows me to gain inspiration from both coast and countryside and this is what gives me my unique style.   


All prints are printed by my local print shop, mounted onto a card frame and then individually hand signed and packaged by myself.


*All packaging is reused to reduce the amount of waste so there is no plastic cello bag instead each print is wrapped in brown paper.

Koi Pond

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