Sunrise Collection. 


Birungi, the african meaning for colourful, something nice and pretty. 


This collection has been inspired by new starts.


The sunrise symbolises the beginning of a new day and with the current climate and coming out of lockdown i thought this would be a good time to release this collection.


The added bonus of these paintings is if you position them in a sunny spot in your house they will glow in the sunlight due to using gold mica powder as a background. This gives them a truly unique finish and makes them the perfect addition to any sunny spot in your house.


Size: 30 x 30cm


These mixed media paintings have been created using acrylic paint, ink, mica powder and watercolours. They have all been painted onto canvas so can be put up as soon as you receive them.


I hope you love this collection as much as I do.


From my house to yours x

Birungi - Colourful, something nice and pretty