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Mother's Day

Sunday 14th of March (Don't forget).

My Mum

I'm going to start this post by sharing with you my mum! She is my absolute rock and without her I doubt I would have got this far in my new art venture. She is always at the end of the phone (sometimes twice a day) and she is my number one fan!

I know a lot of people are finding it hard with the restrictions and not being able to see your loved one's. This is why it's so important to stay in contact with people even when you can't see them. I ring my mum almost every day (excessive I know) but having that chat even if it is for two minutes always makes me feel better.

So this mother's Day I wanted to create a collection of art that celebrates mother and baby. Because no matter how old we get we are still there babies.

My Mothers Day Collection

All of my collection has been inspired by the bond between mother and baby. I have absolutely loved creating this collection. The best part was looking for the inspiration. There are so many beautiful pictures of animals with their babies and lots of new arrivals on the farm currently too, so there will be more added to this collection with time.

I have chosen my favourite 5 to sell as part of my mothers day collection. These are all originals (because lets face it our mums are one of a kind too! so why not make their gift) painted onto a recycled piece of card. I have used acrylic paints, ink and gold leaf (on the giraffe).

Every order will be sent mounted and gift wrapped to make it extra special for your amazing mums. I can also send it directly to them if needed with a little not to say who its from.

A Mothers Kiss.

Matching Pyjamas.

A Mothers Love Is Unconditional.

I Am, Because You Are.

To The World You Are My Mother, To Me You Are The World.

As i am not making prints of this collection, once its sold its gone. So if you do like any buy it to avoid any disappointment.

Mothers Day Cards

I have also created a set of cards with these images on that can be personalised with any text of the front of the card. Alternatively you can leave it blank as shown and after use can be framed as a piece of art. Not only does this make it cost effective but it doubles as a gift.

All Cards are printed onto recycled textured paper, so not only is it good for the purse at £2.00 each its also good for the environment.

Inspiration For Gifts

If none of these take your interest or you are just stuck for ideas on a gift to get your mum why not plan a doing present for when the restrictions are lifted?

We love these in our house and already have several planned. It means you don't have to spend a load of money now, it can be as expensive or as budget as you can afford and it gives you something to look forward to.

We often go for the classics

  • Spa day

  • Picnic

  • Favourite home cooked meal

  • Lunch date

  • A free day out somewhere (museums, Nice walk, National Trust House)

  • Tea garden

I love doing these days out as it doesn't have to cost much and you make memories that will last forever.

I hope you have liked this post and it has given you some inspiration of your own.

From my home to yours xx

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