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About me
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Thank you for visiting my little shop! I hope you find something special and i look forward to your order or just getting to know you a little better! 

So i am 26 years old and starting fresh! I've moved to Devon, started a new business and have re found my love for art! I love the outdoors, animals and spending time with family and friends. Moving to Devon i have started running and generally getting myself into better shape. Who knew exercise could feel so good! 

I currently am the very happy owner for two dog, 13 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 ferrets and a farmer called Joe! 

In these strange times that we currently live in i have found myself with a very special gift... the gift of time. I was forced to stand still and appreciate what i had and in that i found my love for art and you amazing people that are willing to buy it! since I first started my work has changed a little. I have been thinking hard about what my work really means to me and this is what I've come up with... 

 It's enjoyable, and a mess a little like anything else on the farm. It's a little of everything and that's how I like it. I tried to pin my work into one nice little neat box like illustration or driftwood art but having just one media just didn't feel right so Ive decided to keep doing a mixture of art and this way I never get tired of creating the same things all the time and it also allows me to create different things that fit that part of my life at that precise time.
 So in the winter I can paint by the fire and in the summer I can beach comb for hours finding the perfect piece of driftwood.
 I often day dreaming about what my perfect business will look like and how my desk will be just so... But the reality of it is I have a loving fiancée that puts up with my art ALL over the house, I have a million projects on the go and several new ideas waiting to be trailed.
 My office is the spare room and I can't remember the last time I actually sat at my desk as I'm usually on the sofa painting with the dogs or sitting on the floor somewhere with the laptop. So that's me... A mixed media artist hopping to one day have that dream office and gallery where all of my this and that's come together just so... But until then happy hunting and I hope you find something you like.
From my house to yours with love 
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