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Art From The Farm 

Hello and welcome to my website. It's changed a little over the last year... I have been thinking hard about what my work really means to me and this is what I've come up with.

It's an enjoyable mess, a little like anything on the farm. It's a little bit of everything and that's how I like it. I tried to pin my work into a nice little neat box such as 'illustrations' or 'driftwood' but having one media just didn't feel right so I've decided to keep doing a mixture of art and this way I can create art that fits my life at a precise time. So in the winter I can paint by the fire and in the summer I can comb the beach for hours looking for that perfect shell or piece of driftwood. 

So that's me, a mixed media artist if you like... creating art that's close to my heart. 

Land . Sky . Sea

All of my paintings have been inspired by nature some way or another.


Living on a coastal dairy farm gives me so much inspiration from a coastal and country perspective.

This section has my original art and my prints. 


One of my favourite things to do as a child was to spend hours combing the beaches for 'treasure,' it was amazing what you would find: 


The most beautiful shells in an array of colours and multi-coloured glass that had been worn smooth by the sea...


This collection is inspired by my childhood (and lets face it, an excuse to spend all day at the beach). 

Beach Treasure 

This is where it all began...

... In March 2020 I began to get creative!!! Instead of looking at all the bad points of lockdown, I utilised my walks to the beach and started collecting driftwood.


At first I painted them and made shelves and other trinkets, then one day I decided to make some clay seagulls and mount them onto the driftwood.


Since then I have expanded this collection to include all types of animals on wood. I hope you like them as much as I do.

& Clay
All Things 

Living on a the farm allows me to collect a variety of feathers, most of which come from the pheasants during the shoot season. 

These beautiful feathers are too nice to waste so I started making these paper cuttings. These are all made from real feathers and highlight the natural beauty of them. 


When I first started thinking about what I wanted this business to look like, everything was made from re-used or recycled materials, and in most of my art they are. 

These pieces however are random and don't fit into another category (There goes my nice neat boxes). They are all the product of imagination and re-creation.


Turning something that would have gone into the bin or burnt on the fire into something beautiful or special for you to enjoy.